CBD Cheat-sheet: Cannabis and Nausea

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CBD for Nausea and Great Benefits Revealed

Nausea can be induced by stress or motion sickness, reaction to drugs or chemotherapy. It is considered a way of the body to defend itself, through vomiting. However, in several cases, this defensive line is not desirable or even necessary.  Not quite an unmet medical need, yet there is as yet no effective treatment for nausea. An innovative approach is related to the use of CBD for nausea and vomiting treatment.

Research on CBD for Nausea Treatment

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound of cannabis that has been widely used for natural remedies. When it comes to nausea treatment, CBD has been shown to regulate the emetic frequency. This is truly important since it allows patients to feel better and recover faster.

Moreover, through enhancing 5-HT1A receptor activation, CBD and more specifically cannabidiol acid has been reported to prevent vomiting. The specific research has been completed to rats, but the findings are solid and fit the criteria for humans.

CBD inhibits fatty acid enzymes and this, in turn, causes elevated anandamide levels in the body. At the same time, serotonin levels are increased significantly. As a result, activating the brain’s CB-1 receptors last longer and this eventually prevents nausea and vomiting.

How Does CBD Help?

Preclinical research indicates that cannabinioids, including CBD, may be effective clinically for treating both nausea and vomiting produced by chemotherapy or other therapeutic treatments.

The anti-emetic effect of cannabinoids has been shown across a wide variety of animals that are capable of vomiting in response to a toxic challenge. CB(1) agonism suppresses vomiting, which is reversed by CB(1) antagonism, and CB(1) inverse agonism promotes vomiting.

Other Benefits of CBD

Besides nausea and vomiting prevention, CBD has been used as a treatment for many conditions. Some of them are truly challenging to handle, highlighting the value of CBD. To be more specific, therapeutic cannabis has been correlated with the effective protection against degenerative diseases (like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease), anxiety and insomnia, seizures and several types of cancer.

As you can imagine, this is a quite versatile, multi-power remedy that comes with no actual risks. It can be administered orally and is easy to use. CBD does not share the same amount or severity of side effects. Benefits cover a wide array of medical issues, which makes CBD an interesting new approach in natural healing.

In conclusion

Do not settle for frequent nausea incidents, just because you have tried traditional remedies and found them inadequate. The use of CBD has been considered one of the top options in the field of nausea treatment. It is worth trying it out and seeing whether it can help you out with your medical problem or not.


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