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why is formal cannabis education important?

online course
"It is really excellent, the best course of its type I have seen. Clear, simple to operate, and thorough."
Professor Mike Barnes
MCCS (Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society) MG FRCP, Neurologist and Rehabilitation Physician (Chair)
"I’ve taken cannabis medicine courses before and yet I still learned new things that I wasn’t aware of. A great grounding for all practitioners."
Steve Geraghty-Corns
EternalBeing Clinic, Alternative Therapy Healing
“One of the best professional courses that I have encountered. Overall assessment 10/10”
Steve Caroll
Fitness and Nutrition Trainer, Wound and Cannabis Therapeutics Specialist
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CiiTECH is a consumer-focused cannabis company dedicated to ongoing cannabis research and a commitment to patient care. Our academy provides practitioners with the opportunity to learn about cannabis and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully treat patients, clients and customers.


Committed to working with local scientific, regulatory, professional and non-profit organisations.


Innovating professional cannabis education, meeting the needs of practitioners and patients.


Dedicated to providing patients around the world with a superior medical cannabis experience. 

strategic partners

CiiTECH partners with leading institutions and scientists to create professional cannabis education courses and ensure patients have access to the best science-led cannabis brands and products.

All our partners are driven by a passion for high-quality patient care. We work with many organisations and industry professionals on a local and global scale to create meaningful education courses based on science and driven by data insights.

medical cannabis mentor PARTNERSHIP

This course that ensures all patient treating professionals understand the fundamentals of cannabis science and therapeutics.

 This course is the UK’s first comprehensive CBD and medical cannabis course offered via an interactive digital platform, designed specifically for UK Pharmacy and Healthcare Professionals.

“The course synthesizes the most up-to-date scientific research and clinical guidelines in an engaging format to help professionals make informed treatment decisions.’ Joe Dolce, Founder, CEO.